It’s true that a lot of aforethought should be dedicated before you proceed with purchasing a dog of any kind. This is especially true if your home is smaller and you need to account for the energy needs of the animal because that’s important for keeping it healthy and ensuring its proper development. Bassugg dogs […]


Dog lovers who are looking for an energetic and affectionate average-sized dog will realized that the designer dog Basston is the ideal family pet for them.  It is the result of the mixture of Boston terrier and the Basset Hound.  They are known to be energetic and playful like the Boston terrier and loving and […]

Basset Retriever

The Basset Retriever dog breed is a cross breed between a Basset Hound and a Golden Retriever. A Basset Retriever is classified in the hound family, but its face and coat normally mirrors retriever qualities. Basset Retrievers are never roused to anger or aggression and very even tempered and hardly ever bark. A Basset Retriever […]


When you mix the Basset Hound and the Dachshund, you will get a designer breed known as the Basschshund. This is a medium size dog that has a lively nature and an elegant appearance. The Basschshund is considered to be one of the best family dogs, due to the entertaining nature that is drawn from […]


Buying a puppy is something that every family dreams of at some point. However, a lot of people refrain from doing so because they are afraid of the commitment as well as the care that they’d have to ensure. The truth is that you need to do a proper research before you buy a dog. […]


The Bascottie dog is a cross breed between Basset Hound and Scottish terrier which have different pleasing types of manners and behaviors that people always treasure. Bascottie is known to be a strong dog that inherits equal traits from the two crossed breeds. Both of the crossed breeds were known excellent temperament so definitely the […]


The Baglehound is a cross breed of the Basset Hound and the Beagle and has an average lifespan of approximately 10-15 years.  It is a large-sized dog and prominent for being intelligent, loyal, playful and social.  Their nose is similar with the hound and also has a powerful sense of smell that it used for […]


The Aussiedor dog is a big or large breed hybrid of the Australian Shepard and the Labrador retriever. They are a newer breed of dog and are extremely popular because of their loving, playful and affectionate demeanor. They have large expressive eyes like the Labrador and the mild manner of the Aussie and are of […]