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Pick A Puppy is a online service that connects breeders to the you! You are currently viewing our blog however if you are looking for a puppy click the button below.

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Pick A Puppy Blog

Welcome to the Pick A Puppy Blog. A source for everything animal related as well as animal related business. What will you find on this Blog? Information, Care Instructions and Pictures of all kinds of Animals. Such as Aquatic,Dogs,Cats,Reptiles, Horses and even Small and Fuzzy. You can also stay up to date news about laws and regulations affecting pet ownership. Thanks to groups like PIJAC and USARK you can stay up to date with laws that will affect your pet. You will also find Information and How To’s on Breeding and Animal Husbandry. If you are a Breeder or would like to breed then you should read the USDA News and Blog Posts posted by the United States Department of Agriculture Information. In short there is a ton of information and you should just start browsing now.



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Benjamin “Ben” Blue-Brich Renick August 4, 1987 ~ June 8, 2017 Obituary via Benjamin Blue-Brich “Ben” Renick, 29, of New Florence, Missouri, tragically lost his life on Thursday, June 8, 2017...

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It’s true that a lot of aforethought should be dedicated before you proceed with purchasing a dog of any kind. This is especially true if your home is smaller and you need to account for the energy needs of the animal because that’s important for keeping it healthy...

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Dog lovers who are looking for an energetic and affectionate average-sized dog will realized that the designer dog Basston is the ideal family pet for them.  It is the result of the mixture of Boston terrier and the Basset Hound.  They are known to be energetic and...

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 Pet Industry News

Chuck Latham Associates Names New President

The Chuck Latham Associates (CLA) management team announced Joe Giles has joined the company as the new president and chief operating officer. CLA is a 33 year-old company that specializes in providing comprehensive sales, marketing and merchandising services to the...

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